British Celebration 292 Shot 1.3 Display Class Compound Barrage



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This barrage is ideal for a Celebration, it is by far the best and visually impressive firework we have seen, it is truly breath-taking.  

It is simple to operate with only one fuse to light, then stand back and enjoy the extravaganza 

Barrage is broken down into four parts all joined together.  

Part 1:  64 shots of crackling mines to purple and green stars with crackling. 

Part 2:  62 shots of 25mm red strobe with red strobe 64 shots of 25mm gold brocades with red glitter. Gold strobe with gold strobe mine and white strobe with white strobe mine. 

Part 3:  100 shot of 20mm whistling serpents that burst to silver strobe crackling stars. 

Part 4:  64 shots of 25mm gold brocade mines to bold brocades with red glitter. 

Additional information


157 Seconds


Emperor Fireworks

Noise Level

5/5 Extremley Loud



Safety Distance

25 metres



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