Magnetic Storm 132 Shot Single Ignition Barrage



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An Electrifying Firework with 15 Stunning Effects.

Ruby Red Comets into Red Coconut with Blue Stars, Green Comets to Purple & Green Peony Bursts, Blue Comets to Lemon Yellow and Blue Stars, 3 x ‘C’ Shape Fans of Red, Green & Blue Comets Exploding into Red, Green & Blue Stars with Timed Rain, followed by a series of Red/Green/White Glittering Tailed Comets, 3 x ‘W’ Shape Effects of Red Comets to Red Stars with Silver Glitter, Blue Comets with Falling Leaves, Green Comet to Green Stars with Silver Glitter, Red Comets into Blue Stars with White Glitter, Green Comets to Silver Crackling Coconut and a Finale Volley of Blue Comets Exploding into Blue Stars with Time Rain.

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54 Seconds


Emperor Fireworks

Noise Level

4 Loud



Safety Distance

25 metres



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